Why a Blog?

     I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve decided to start a blog. I guess that’s pretty obvious now that you’re reading this, huh? So maybe a more reasonable topic of discussion is why I’m starting this blog. The thing is, I think a lot. And I overthink a lot. And I analyze a lot. And sometimes I talk a lot. But often I can’t, or rather, I choose, not to talk. Sometimes this is because I’m shy, I’m introverted, and I’m still processing everything. Other times it’s because I kind of hate being vulnerable. And sometimes my overanalyzing, of everything, is more than people want to hear. After asking odd, seemingly insignificant questions, I might just get a headshake and an “I. don’t. know. Jacquelyn…” By processing in writing, rather than in person, people can choose if and when they want to enter into this world of mine. And I can process things all the same, either way.
So in this blog, be prepared. I might talk for too long about things that seem strange or irrelevant. And you might just get caught up in the random ramblings of my mind as I process life. But who knows, maybe along the way I’ll learn to be a little more succinct and to recognize the beauty within the madness. To capture the thoughts, the memories, and the moments that impact me. The ones that are helping to transform me into the person God is calling me to beImage


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