Before the Clock Strikes 12

It just happens. You look at the clock and it’s past midnight. You missed it. The time just slipped away.

You know, it happens a lot. Whether I’m on Facebook, doing homework, at Catacombs, or talking with friends, time just slips away. And then, it’s gone.

It reminds me of Cinderella. She only had a few hours to spare at the ball. Her time was limited. And she had to make the most of it. But those few hours would change the course of her life, well, for ‘ever after’.

It’s like that for all of us. Our time on this earth is limited. And once it’s gone, we can’t get it back. But the beautiful thing, and sometimes the frightening thing, is that even though the time is gone, what happens in each moment has the potential to live forever, to leave a tangible legacy and to forever change our futuresImage.

Sometimes, I wonder what I’m doing with my life. Am I making the most of it? Our time here is limited. But it’s important. The time we have is valuable – if we choose to use it well. If we waste our time, it slips away, and we never know what it could’ve been. With that said, I’ll keep this one short and simple. I think there’s something waiting for me. What’s waiting for you?


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